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Posted by Alex at July-01-07 no create e-mail to Alex
Nici site!


Posted by Aj at June-27-07 Fioricet e-mail to Aj
Wow, great site! 
I like your work a great deal, such clarity and direction. Keep up the good work! 


Posted by George at June-26-07 Forex trading articles e-mail to George
As a professional I may say that I was very amazing to see such  
a good site. I bookmarked it to visit you again and recommend it to my  


Posted by Dawor Khan at June-23-07 Dawor Qadri e-mail to Dawor Khan
786/92 - Faqeer Raqim-ul-Haroof Dawor Qadri kafi arsay se aap ki web site per Loud Speaker per Namaz ke Maslay per aap ke Fatawa ka baghor mutalea ker raha hay.Haal hee may kisi Mustafti ne aap se Shahzada-e-Alahazrat Mufti Azam Hind aur Sadar-ul-Afazil (Radi Allah Taala Anhuma) ka is masla mazkoora per Mouqqif maloom kia, Jis ke Jawab may aap ne Jawaz ka Hukm detay howay un dono Muftian-e-Ummat ki Raiy chuhpa ker ye taasur dia ke un ka bhee yehee Moaqqif tha.Bahesiat-e-Mufti aap per Lazim tha ke agr aap ko un ke Moaqqif se Ikhtelaaf tha to un ka Khata per hona sabit kertay. 
Behar-No! Faqeer Dawor Qadri aap se Moaddibaana guzarish kerta hay ke Shahzada-e-Alahazrat Mufti Azam Hind aur Sadar-ul-Afazil (Radi Allah Taala Anhuma) ka Moaqqif Isi Web Site per Bian ker dain aur un ke ke Fatawa ka Khata per hona Wazayh kerain, ta-ke Mansab-e-Ifta ka Waqar majrooh na ho. 
Guzarish hay ke Jald az Jald Web Site per Isay Bian ferma ker Mujhay On-Line Forum per aanay ki zahmat se bacha ker shukeria ka moqa dengay. 
Jawab ka Talib - Muhammad Dawor Qadri - 18 June 2007 -(India) 


Posted by world at June-22-07 e-mail to world


Well, our Guestbook and Web Site Launch Pad were closed for a while due to SPAM problem. But now, the keycode system is added to the board. So they are re-opening. Welcome to leave your message again to let us know your suggestions. Thanks


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