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Image Title: Clinton Years - American Dream Reversed, Author: Ray Tapajna

Clinton Years - American Dream Reversed

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This artwork represents the betrayal of workers by
President Clinton with all the following
presidents walking in his footsteps. Free trade
economics came like a thief in the night and stole
our jobs and businesses and sent them to far away
places in the world. Free trade is not trade as
historically practiced or defined. It is more
about divorcing investments from production. It is
more about making money on money instead of making
things. The big money interests and the financial
communities make more money by seeking out the
cheapest labor markets in the world. Free trade
created a new working poor class which replaced
the production workers middle class.

The value of workers and labor has been radically
degraded and deflated. This represents trillions
of dollars in value lost forever. This value is a
better money standard than the funny money the
Federal Reserve creates out of nothing where
values have to be grown through manipulating the
value of work and labor.

On top of this the trade deficit which has broken
records since 1994, represents more trillions of
dollars of value lost forever. In 2008, President
Obama had to bail out the process but he only
bailed out the big money interests and ignored the
suffering of all who lost everything due to free

Searching under art title - Clinton Years American
Dream Reversed - or the new rendition Double Talk
American Dream Reversed and you will find
millions of references relating to this economic
cancer. See
See main article site Ray Tapajna Living Journal
keeping history straight at

You are free to copy any of Ray's Ezine Articles
to your blogs from
expert=Ray_Tapajna The most popular article is
Lend Lease was real Free Trade and not chop liver
as in the globalist free trade world

Ray's Bio at
Read about workers having no voice in the process
of globalization and free trade at

Story about the Clinton Years at and

Ray Tapajna Pages predicted global economic crisis
years ago at and

Ray's networks now have 1000s of resources and
references on the worldwide web. Search under , tapart news, ray tapajna today,
tapsearcher or arklineart.

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New- This artwork is now certified as
International Art Money- Copenhagen Demark . The
standard size is 4 3/4 x 7 " or 12x18 cm - or see
Email Ray at if
interested. The price is $37.00 U.S. or $27 Euro.

A top newspaper featured his American Dream is
Burning and The American Worker Locked out of the
American Dream titled Power to the People art: See also
Ray Tapajna is Editor and Artist at Ray Tapajna
Reports and Tapsearch Com Tapart News sites
- and Advocate for human dignity in the workday
and for local value added economies

See for links to
all major Tapsearch World and Ray Tapajna Info Net

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Posted by : Jack 2010/07/15
This is a wonderful opinion. The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.

Posted by : Tapsearch Com Editor 2010/02/16
Follow Ray Tapajna as tapsearcher on Twitter at
New bio at
See all at
Posted by : Art that Talks Editor 2008/11/26
Vote for Ray Tapajna Artwork or enter without voting to see top artworks and paintings in the world. Links to many totally Free web services, free web pages, promoters, submitters, excellent online image editor and much more free.
Links to lost worlds in the Globalist Flat World.
Posted by : The Rationale Com 2008/07/11
Ray Tapajna is now the moderator at The Rationale Com at exploring philosopy and religion in terms of labor and workers being the stepchildren of philosophy and religion in hope of providing a voice for workers in the global economic arena. Even Adam Smith held labor as something sacred and the core of society. See summary of articles, sites and blogs by Ray Tapajna at
Posted by : Bizarre Politics Editor 2007/11/19
Trace the history of Free Trade and Globalization back to 1956, when the U.S. Goverment start moving factories outside the USA. This temporary program never ended and evolved into Free Trade. President Clinton and a Democratic Congress led the way in consummating Free Trade. See stories at
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