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Image Title: American Dream is Burning - ref 2008 Money Crisis, Author: Ray Tapajna

American Dream is Burning - ref 2008 Money Crisis

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Administer Log-inImage Title : American Dream is Burning - ref 2008 Money Crisis
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Ray Tapajna Chronicles featuring The American Dream is Burning artwork forecasted the 2008-09 global economic crisis. Economies based on making money on money instead of making things are burning out.

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When production is moved from place to place based on the cheapest labor, burn out societies and communities are left behind. The phone number on the Space Available Sign is the White House to tell them that the American Dream is Burning. Free Trade is not trade but is primarily about moving production and factories.
Other related sites are at Tapart News and Art that Talks covering the issues of Globalism, Free Trade, wars, terrorism, jobs and more mixed with Ray Tapajna's thought provoking art and editorial cartoons. See more of Ray's art including his rare sports art collectibles at Other titled The Fields of Broken Dreams
Ray is also moderator at with untold stories behind the news in the Global Economic Arena and covers the 2008 Money Crisis and reviews Alan Greenspan 's The Age of Turbulence book and Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins.
He reviews The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman at
He explores philosophy and religion as it relates to workers and labor at
See also

And explores personality and character for the sake of self-improvment at

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Posted by : Tapart News Editor 2008/10/19
Ray Tapajna's published commentaries, articles and editorial topical art is featured at Tapart News and Art that Talks at

He has been an advocate for workers digntiy and fair trade since 1992. Much of his art and articles from the 1990s. now apply directly to the 2008 Money Crisis.
See "Can you hear me now" at
Posted by : Bizarre Politics Editor 2007/11/19
Is it the New World Order or the New World Disorder of the Dysfunctional Globalists? Who said we had to compete like this in gobal economic arena.
Posted by : Fair Trade Advocate 2006/08/17
Tapsearch Com features a new site at Explore the lost worlds in the Flat World Fables and view the logo - The Creator's Handle with Care Label has been removed in the Flat World of Thomas Friedman. If his Flat World concepts were true, the world would implode. See links to Tapart News that features Ray Tapajna Topical and Editorial Art and Cartoons. See about Workers Dignity
Posted by : Tapsearch Editors 2006/08/02
Ray Tapajna, editor and artist, from Tapart News and Art that Talks at has a new site exploring the Flat World concepts of Thomas Friedman.
Posted by : Observer 2005/07/11
Can I just say that if the USA is such a bad place, why are people literally dying to get here?
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