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Pilot Error
Pilot Error

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  Title : Pilot Error
Author : EYECON
Web site : EYESITE
Date : 2008/04/14
Copyright : Ask author first
Pageviews : 23334
Votes : 4
Average Ranking : 7.5 / 10
Comments from Author :
Hi y'all.... Been a long time since I last posted. I have been very very busy with work.

Here's my latest work. Story behind is very sketchy. As far as the invistigation goes, the plane was hijacked. The crew espacially the pilot decided that it was better to fight off the hijackers which resulted to this catastrophe.

Done using Photoshop CS3 in about 12 hours for a web challenge.

Any Comments welcome.
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Posted by : nhan sam 2017/10/03
Nho thanh phan duong chat va duoc chat da dang nhu vay ma cong dung cua nhan sam han quoc tai hcm cung vo cung phong phu giup con nguoi boi bo suc khoe va ngan ngua, dieu tri nhieu the benh khac nhau.
Posted by : chenlina 2017/08/04
chenlnina20170805> Ban.html lauren.html Air Max.html
Posted by : chanyuan 2017/07/12
Posted by : CC 2009/10/15
You have got to be kidding me. Sure its graphically clean and almost art worthy, but isn't Sept. 11th too fresh to spend time on this type of subject? Give me a break, how about even a slightly different subject.
Posted by : a_g_l_a_a_g_s 2008/07/11
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